Patents and Trademarks

Patent 4609463 (Water Purification Device)

A reverse osmosis water purification device for attachment to a kitchen faucet or the like employs a substantially leak-proof, two-piece pressure vessel containing a readily replaceable reverse osmosis module. In the preferred embodiment, a handle is provided on the module to facilitate removal thereof from the pressure vessel. Also in the preferred embodiment, carbon-felt disks are provided to provide filtering for water after the water has been purified by reverse osmosis membranes.

Patent 3620241 (Combination Plumbing Fixture for Water Purification System Having Waste Bypass Flow)

In a water purification system wherein a supply of pressurized, potable, product water is to be dispensed as required, and a small volume flow of non pressurized byproduct waste water is to be discharged to a potentially contaminated drain, a combination plumbing fixture comprises a body with a valve-controlled passage there through for dispensing the potable water A pair of axially upright ducts are provided through a faucet body, the lower end of one of the ducts being connected to receive the flow of waste byproduct water, and the lower end of the other duct being connected to the drain.

Patent 3542199 (Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit)

A reverse osmosis water purification unit has a casing containing a semipermeable membrane cartridge with its brine flow control in the form of a pair of connected restricted conduits. Preferably feed water passes through an annular filter surrounding the cartridge before entering one end of the cartridge. Product water is collected in a central tube in the cartridge and is passed through purifying material before being withdrawn from the casing outlet.

Patent 3493496 (Purified Water Supply Apparatus and Method)


Apparatus for supplying water under pressure from a water purification system which operates by introduction of impure water under pressure. A pressure-resistant closed tank is arranged to contain a driving fluid under pressure and into which purified water from the purification unit is introduced. The driving fluid, which may be a compressed gas, for example air, or a liquid under pressure, for example water, drives stored water in the pressure resistant tank under pressure to point of use.


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