Benefits of Better Water

See the Difference

  • Sparkly clean glassware right out of your dishwasher.
  • Showerheads on hard water lose 75% of the flow rate in less than 18 months.
  • Soft water inhibits a build-up of minerals and adds life to your appliances.
  • The minerals present in hard water inhibit soap's lathering and cleaning capabilities.

Taste the Difference

  • Wash your fruits and vegetables with pure water to taste the difference.
  • Pure water prevents scaling in kettle and makes the best cup of tea or coffee.
  • Ice cubes made with pure water are clear and tasteless.
  • Pure water will make your soups, sauces and cooking taste better.

Feel the Difference

  • Softer skin and silkier hair when you bathe with soft water.
  • De-chlorinated soft water to eliminate itchy skin.
  • Your clothes will feel softer every time and last longer with soft water.
  • Your clothes last longer and remain brighter longer with softened water.


Less time and money spent cleaning

Eliminate lime buildup, rust stains and soap scum by investing in a water conditioner and clean less. Less cleaning means less spending on cleaning supplies.

Less Energy

Second biggest energy user in your home is your wate heater. Extend the life of your appliances by eliminating lime scale buildup and save on appliance repairs and replacements

Goodbye Bottled Water

Do away with the inconvenience, expense and environmental waste of bottled water

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